The AYE Club (All Years Edinburgh)

In 2007 the people who had run all the Edinburgh Marathons since the latest series started in 2003, were formed into an elite group by Michael McCabe – this is The AYE Club (All years Edinburgh). 

Naturally, the club membership gets smaller every year and after the 2015 race, there were 26 runners who clocked a wide range of times from over 6 hours to sub 3.

2012 saw a major milestone for the EM and The AYE Club, the tenth anniversary of the current series. The club held a celebratory dinner with Scottish Olympic marathon runner Donald Macgregor as the guest of honour.  

The AYE club has it's own website which has pre-race and medal photographs, information on the current members and a full set of reports to hold all the data about the AYE runners achievements.  This can be accessed at:

Mile AYE Club 2015

AYE Club Medals

Chris Finill and Chris Burns (current AYE Club President)                        


The Class of 2015                                                         

Scott Balfour
Billy Braidwood
Dennis Brandrick
Richard Brown
Christopher Burns
Donald Deans
George Douglas
James Felstead
Ivan Field
Allan Gall
Kenneth Heney
Jimmy Hudson
John Huyton
Keith Lee
George McBean
Michael McCabe
Grant McCall
James McLaren
Tony McQueen
Gavin Melville
Andrew Page
Arlene Reid
George Salmond
Matthew Shields
Kenneth Stewart
Peter Thomson