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Running for Cystic Fibrosis

My son was born on 29th August 2009 at the Princess Royal Maternity in Glasgow at 6 pounds and 4 ounces. Cameron seemed fine at first but it became apparent to his mother and myself that things seemed strange that by the time he was 3 weeks old he was eating 5 ounces of milk and always seemed hungry. As new parents we put this down to him being like his daddy (a hungry man) until we had some devastating news from our Health visitor.

Cameron had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis which is a chronic lung condition; this was diagnosed as a result of the Guthrie test. As you can imagine upon hearing the news his mother Nicola and myself where distraught and inconsolable. The information we had through our own knowledge told us that this was a life shortening condition and that our son would not live by his teens.-chris.jpg

We attended Yorkhill hospital to see the consultant who gave us encouraging news about the condition and that the predetermined ideas we had where dated and not in line with current stats and that suffers lived into their late 30's and early 40's. They advised us to contact the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for further information and support and although still in shock we contacted then that night.

The helpline phone was answered by an amazing person that showed so much compassion and empathy and they sent us out some detailed yet simple to understand to read through at our leisure. This helped allay our fears slightly as the outlook is so different and positive from what I knew before.

They have also been instrumental in orchestrating new Gene Therapy research to halt the 90% of deaths by Cystic Fibrosis carriers caused by lung failure. This has given Nicola and I much hope for our son's future.

They also employ specialist CF advisors who are wonderful people that suffer from Cystic Fibrosis that advice on current treatment and also help shape treatment of the future.  My life has gone from a very dark, devastating place to one with light and hope shining brightly and it is thanks to the work that the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and also Yorkhill Childrens Hospital have done.

This is why I have chosen to run the marathon and raise as much as I can to help my son and every Cystic Fibrosis suffers future standard of living and hope to live into late adulthood and beyond.

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The hardest thing that I have ever done in my life was not gaining my black belt with the British Judo Association, nor was it climbing Europe’s highest mountain, Mt Elbrus at over 18,500ft or even gaining an honors degree at University.   It was telling my two sons that I had terminal lung disease with a median survival of 4.5 years. That was 6 years ago. I am under the care of the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. The doc’ recommended running to, ‘keep my lungs elastic’ and to keep me alive longer!

When I couldn't even run 3 miles, I joined the Lancaster & Morecambe AC around 3 years ago and for me it really is a, ‘race for life’ as I have lost 30% of my total lung capacity due to lung disease. I have never smoked in my life.

-greg.jpgAt 58yrs of age, my personal best for a 10K is 48m 33s and for the half marathon, 1hr 46m 15s. I hope to improve on these times with the mantra of, ‘Its’ not going to beat me… its’ not going to beat me… I got this from my son who at 3yrs old climbed Ben Nevis, at 4yrs walked the West Highland Way (95miles), at 5yrs, walked across England (190miles), at 6yrs walked the Pennine Way (270miles) and at 9yrs walked from Lands’ End to John O’Groats (nearly 900miles) achieving a Gold Blue Peter badge. He was diagnosed with diabetes at 2yrs old and his mantra was, ‘its’ not going to beat me…’. His name is Joseph, better known as, ‘Little Joe – the diabetic dynamo’.

The British Lung Foundation and/or the British Diabetic Association would like your money! You know what you have to do!