Five Ways to Recover from a Marathon

Keep it Moving

Now we know you’ve more than earned a week (or more) of chill time after your exploits this weekend. HOWEVER, we would definitely recommend you keep it flowing this week. This doesn’t have to mean running every day – or even at all – walking will do just fine. But the more you can keep moving, the faster you’ll be able to flush out the lactate from the muscles, break down the scar tissue that’s causing those aches, and get those legs back to feeling close to normal again!

Get the Prote-in
Your muscles are damaged, the DOMS have hit hard and you’re walking like you’ve soiled yourself. Diet plays a massive role in the recovery process, and foods high in protein will accelerate the resynthesis of these muscle fibers across the week. Eggs, nuts, fish, meats, beans, pulses and grains are all great sources – you know the score! Happy munching, you’ve earned a wee bite we think!

Massage or Foam Roll (ooft!)
This one hurts – but with great pain comes great relief! If you can book a massage, fantastic – a good rub down will increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and speed up that recovery process! Equally, a good foam roller will help in the same way. You’re in control here so find your trigger points and spend some time honing in on them and working to undo those horrible knots. You’ll find hundreds of videos on YouTube on good foam rolling technique for different muscle groups!

Listen to your body
Possibly the most clichéd phrase in the running world, but it certainly rings true here. Everyone is different and will respond to the marathon in different ways. So please don’t panic if you see your friends off out for a run, and you’re sat there feeling like you’re 150 years old. It will take time to recover so be patient and don’t rush back!

Celebrate, enjoy, rejoice, you’re legendary.
We’ve saved the most important bit of advice until the end – CELEBRATE! You have just become part of a very exclusive club; running a marathon really is an incredible achievement and one which deserves due merrymaking. Draw out the celebrations for as long as you possibly can, milk it because you’ve just accomplished something amazing.