Warm weather expected at Edinburgh Marathon


The Met Office currently predicts it is likely to be between 13-18 degrees in the Scottish capital this weekend as more than 35,000 runners take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

If the weather conditions are hot then it is essential that runners keep hydrated before and during the race. 330ml bottles of water are supplied by Strathmore Spring Water along the course for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival races. They’re available at every 5K of the route and at the Finish.

We also advise our runners in hot weather to:

Keep hydrated

Make sure you’re taken on enough water when you start the race but not excessively – an easy way to tell is by the colour of your urine. It should be a pale, straw colour. It’s important to drink at each hydration station during the race, particularly in the first half when you may not feel thirsty but will be losing a lot of fluid.

Staying hydrated will help you keep going as you near the finish, and also prevent cramp. Try not to drink a lot of water in one go as it can make you feel ill – little and often is best.

Wear sunscreen

We would advise runners to apply adequate sunscreen. The British Skin Foundation recommend an SPF of 30 or above.

Stay cool

Wear loose mesh running gear in hot conditions. If it’s an excessively hot day, try to run in the shade where possible. Wearing a breathable hat may help keep your face in the shade.

Finish well

Make sure you eat and drink as soon as you finish the race but not excessively. You may feel fine as you cross the finish line, but it’s common for runners to start feeling dizzy and faint over half an hour after they stop running. As soon as you can, make your way to the baggage trucks to change into comfortable, dry clothing.

If you need to, seek medical help

If you’re well prepared for the race it’s unlikely you’ll need any medical attention, but if you do feel ill or suffer an injury, full medical care is provided on the courses by staff from the Scottish Ambulance Service, the British Red Cross and the event medical team. If you become unwell at any time during the race, STOP RUNNING and speak to one of the course marshals.

For more advice go to www.runnersmedicalresource.com