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Julia Clark
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The Encephalitis Society aims to improve the quality of life of all people affected directly & indirectly by Encephalitis. It aims to live in a world where those affected, have access to early diagnosis, excellent management of their condition, timely access to rehabilitation & other forms of social support.


Our objectives are;

      • To support adults and children affected by Encephalitis, their families and carers by providing advice and information and working at national level to improve services.


      • To produce evidence-based, quality information on all aspects of the condition in printed, electronic, video and audio formats.


      • To raise awareness about the condition and its subsequent problems among relevant professionals, statutory agencies and the general public.


      • To conduct research and work in partnership with other researchers and their establishments.



Please visit our website for further information on The Encephalitis Society http://www.encephalitis.info/






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