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Hospices of Hope is the leading palliative care charity in South Eastern Europe. We believe that everyone deserves the best possible care at the end of life. But, in developing countries like Romania, Serbia or Moldova many patients still die in pain, without being offered any physical, spiritual or emotional comfort, with struggling healthcare systems that offer little or nothing in the way of hospice care.  Every year more than 70% of adults and children diagnosed with cancer in Romania, will experience unrelieved pain. We are dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses in these countries. 




22 years ago we opened Hospice Casa Sperantei in Brasov.  This is now Romania’s leading hospice charity.  Since the opening of Hospice Casa Sperantei more than 16,000 patients and their families have been cared for and over 14,000 medical professionals trained by us. 




We have now just finished building our second hospice, this time in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.  It has 23 beds, a day centre and an outpatient clinic. We are also renovating a children’s centre in a property donated to us on converted farmland and will have 12 beds for children with life-limiting illness.




If you would like to run for us in the 2015 Edinburgh Marathon, please contact Pamela Newby at [email protected]