Become an EMF Super Active School

In 2016, the EMF junior races sold out for the first time ever which, alongside the success of the ‘Daily Mile’, proved a catalyst for EMF to introduce two new junior races in 2017, alongside the ‘Super Active Schools’ campaign to continue to recognise the impact that the initiative has made in schools throughout Scotland. 

EMF Race Director, Neil Kilgour said: “We are really keen to recognise and reward the achievements of the staff and pupils of local schools who have made such an effort to get more active. We are really proud that these races help make real change. After seeing the success of the Daily Mile, we realise it’s important to build on the momentum of keeping our children more active. We love encouraging kids to get involved with the EMF junior races as it provides an occasion where they can celebrate a sense of achievement as they cross the finish line. We love rewarding effort.”

Become a Super Active School and get recognised and rewarded for increasing the fitness and wellbeing of children at your school. Each Super Active School will automatically be entered into our Junior Schools Compeition, and receive a certificate of achievement alongside a monthly spotlight on the EMF social media page and e-newsletter.

How do you become a Super Active School?

Any school who enters the competition (enters 3 or more girls or boys) is automatically given Super Active School status for the following year.

The top 5 schools are then calculated and each will receive a monthly spotlight on the EMF social media pages and e-newsletter. 

Become a Super Active School


Win £150 worth of sports equipment for your school!

In order to qualify for the Junior Schools Competition, a school MUST enter at least 3 boys and 3 girls into the EMF Junior Races (this includes the Junior 5k, the Junior 2k, the Junior 1.5k and the Kids’ Kilometre). The top three girls and top three boys score points for each school. Points are awarded equally to the position in which the runners crossed the finish line. The first place gets one point, the second place two points etc. The points for these runners are then added up, and the school which finishes with the “lowest” score of all will be officially announced the winners. This will be calculated after this year’s event has ended and the school will be contacted to organise the delivery of voucher.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to do something amazing for your school!

Become a Super Active School

Previous winners

Cuiken Primary School
Broughton Primary School
George Watson’s College
Broughton Primary School
Stewart’s Melville Junior School
Craiglockhart Primary School