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Our vision is an equitable world where all women and children have good health and mothers and newborn babies no longer die from conditions that are treatable or preventable. 

We work in some of the world's poorest communities in Asia and Africa to stop mothers and babies from dying during pregnancy, childbirth or in the first few days and months of life. We do this through women's groups which have been recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Our work reduces a woman's chance of dying due to pregnancy or childbirth by up to 50% and reduces the chances of newborn babies dying by 33%..

We need you to fundraise for us because we value accountability, transparency and ethical funding. 93 pence of every pound you fundraise will directly be spent on the projects and for every £50 you fundraise, you will ensure that a women's group facilitator is paid for a year and for every £80 you fundraise, you will enable the poper running of a women's group for an entire year. 

Case Study: Anna Jackson

I had an extremely difficult and dangerous childbirth experience seven years ago. Thankfully both my son and I are fine, but without medical attention during, and after, delivery neither of us would be here today. Our second son had to be delivered by caesarean, and this brought home the truth that childbirth doesn't always 'naturally' happen, but often involves support, advice, and in many cases medical intervention.

We now live in Switzerland. I am currently in rehabilitation following surgery on my spine and a stint in critical care. I have now experienced life saving/changing medical care in two affluent western countries. I have many things to be sad and glad about. Had I not had access to medical care, my life, and my family's life, would be tragically different.

So, with my birthday coming up I wanted to share my good fortune with other mothers who may also need support.

Family having been asking 'what would I like?', so I had the idea that I could add your charity to my Amazon 'wish list' as my only wish. However, in doing so there would be no way of knowing who had bought me a 'gift'. My husband had the idea of setting up a fundraising page, and we found that this was possible through Virgin!

I am a full-time mum. Although as a family we donate to charity, I wanted to personally donate. By asking for donations I felt that I was directly offering something, in my small way, to mothers elsewhere in the world.


Run for Women and Children First (UK)

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