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There are two ways to join the Oxfam team. You can use your own place to run for Oxfam, or one of our charity places. When you use your own place, there is no minimum fundraising pledge but you still get all the benefits of our charity runners!

Charity place runner: simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page for the race you want to run to secure your place! To secure your place with Oxfam there is a registration fee and a fundraising target, both of which are listed below:

  • Edinburgh Marathon: £30 reg fee, £350 fundraising target
  • Edinburgh Half Marathon: £20 reg fee, £250 fundraising target
  • Edinburgh 10k: £15 reg fee, £150 fundraising target

Find out more here.

Own place runner: register with the race organisers, create a ‘my details’ account and an entry here.

With free bottles of water lining the Edinburgh Marathon Festival route at every mile it's easy to forget what miracle water is. With a water supply on tap, food can grow, and people can thrive. Worldwide, more than 700 million people lack access to safe water and more than 2 billion don't have adequate sanitation. Water, sanitation and hygiene underpin many of Oxfam's poverty-fighting development projects. Oxfam works with local communities to provide long-term, cost-effective solutions that can reduce levels of poverty and disease. In an emergency our water engineers are renowned for their speed and efficiency, providing large-scale water supplies and disease-preventing sanitation facilities - even in the most difficult circumstances such as the Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods. 

Run with Team Oxfam you could help us be there in an emergency or where communities need us most to build or repair water points and organise water committees to oversee them. You could help us provide safe and clean water to families and children.

 When you join Team Oxfam you can count on:

  • An Oxfam running vest
  • Professional training plans for all levels and abilities
  • Fundraising support with dozens of ideas
  • A dedicated running support team to answer any questions

So get your place with Oxfam today and join the team that will make this an experience you won’t forget.


Run for Oxfam

Apply for a Charity Entry

You can only apply to one Affiliate Charity at a time. For further information on how the Charity Entry process works please see our Charity Runner FAQs.

Please click on the event you would like to participate in:

2020 Edinburgh Marathon Festival
   - 2020 Edinburgh Marathon >
   - 2020 Edinburgh Half Marathon >
   - 2020 EMF Hairy Haggis Team Relay >
   - 2020 EMF 10k >
   - 2020 EMF 5k >
   - 2020 EMF Junior 5K >
   - 2020 EMF Junior 2k Race 1 >
   - 2020 EMF Junior 2k Race 2 >
   - 2020 EMF Junior 1.5k Race 1 >
   - 2020 EMF Junior 1.5k Race 2 >
   - 2020 EMF Kids Kilometre >

Already have your Own Entry?

If you already have your Own Entry, you can pledge to fundraise for Oxfam via your My Details account.
Simply log in and click on the link next to your entry.