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Do you remember a time when somebody really helped you? When a small intervention made a big impact on your life?

This is what we do at Buttle UK.

Buttle UK is named after Frank Buttle.  Frank witnessed the suffering of many children during his lifetime. He wanted to give them a better future.  He was not a rich man but through his entrepreneurialism, vision, hard work and personal sacrifice he created a fund to ‘launch into life’ children who were in crisis.

Over 60 years later, that is what we still do. Pay for things that give children a chance for change.

This could be for anything from a bed for a child who has had to sleep on the floor, to travel costs and a laptop so a homeless teenager can start their first college course.

Last year alone we provided £3.7m in direct, efficient and intelligently targeted grants to nearly 30,000 children.  Over the last 12 years we have distributed over £14m on behalf of BBC Children in Need.

These are tough times, the number of children in crisis is rising.  We must do more.

We give children in crisis chances for change, but we need your help to better the lives of more children and young people. For more information, please get in touch.