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Mike Casey

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Why Choose Garvald Edinburgh? 

At Garvald Edinburgh we teach creative and vocational skills to adults with learning disabilities across 15 different workshops including pottery, cooking, woodwork, weaving and gardening.

Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment which enables our members to shape their future based on what they can do and not by what they can’t.   

Sadly of the almost 6,000 adults with learning disabilities in the Lothian area only 10% are in employment or further education. After they leave school there is a serious lack of choice for them to lead a meaningful life. 

The service we provide is vital in ensuring that adults with learning disabilities have the opportunity to live a happy, healthy and more productive life.  

What Will Your Support Achieve? 

Your support will give adults with learning disabilities the chance to live richer, and more fulfilling lives.

Want to know more?

We have lots going on - just see our Facebook Page or our Instagram Account - to see all the fantastic work, creativity and activities our members are doing.