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We’re the Scottish SPCA. Scotland’s only all animal rescue service.


In every community, every single day we rescue hundreds of Scotland’s animals. It’s our duty to come to the rescue when any animal in Scotland needs our help. From rehabilitation to rehoming, or releasing back to the wild, we’re here for animals 365 days of the year.


We’re leading the way for better animal welfare standards, strengthening laws and improving protection. Our mission is to make Scotland the best place in the world for animals.


We partner with organisations to protect homes and habitats, support communities and help owners who are struggling to cope. We prevent harm, through community engagement, awareness, and education. We enforce law and bring to justice people who cause animals harm. We lead the charge to fight for the best welfare standards for animals.


Rescues take place in all kinds of conditions. In all kinds of situations. We’re relentless. Because the rescues never stop. Together, we will make Scotland the best place for an animal to call home.