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Stacy Rowan


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The Yard is the only indoor and outdoor adventure play centre for disabled children and young people (ranging from 0 to 25 years of age) in the East of Scotland. It offers play and youth work sessions to around 1,700 disabled children and young people and is open six days a week throughout the year. 

Outdoors there is a huge sand play area with a water pump, a boat swing, solar dome, and a selection of go-karts and hand-operated bikes and trikes. Indoors there is a large hall with soft-play, an art room, a state of the art sensory room and a separate play area for younger children.

The Yard works with special schools, runs family sessions, holiday playschemes, pre-school sessions and youth clubs. It also provides training sessions in inclusive play for organisations and play practitioners.

Yes, there's a lot of fun and if you visit our social media you'll see many pictures of smiling children, but life can be very hard for the families we support and the challenges they face are very unique. We offer a haven where parents and carers can relax knowing their kids will be safe- i've lost count of the amount of times i've heard a parent use the word 'lifesaver' to describe us.  
The staff all genuinely care and work very hard across the board, but special mention has to go to the Play Team, who often go the extra mile with the children, young people and families. They are the ones who make The Yard such a special place for so many. 

There really is nowhere else like it.