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intraining portable phone charger

That awkward moment when your phone runs out of battery can now be a thing of the past with this handy portable intraining power pack.

With a 3in1 power cable, this item is suitable for all iPhones/iPods/iPads and for Android phones including all Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG & Nexus models.

The power bank provides one full phone charge and includes a keyring as well as an LED light to indicate charging status.

The power bank itself is also rechargeable by plugging it into powered USB port on desktop or laptop computer or by using your existing mobile phone charger.

Colour: Sky blue
Size: 22mm x 24mm x 96mm.

Delivery is a maximum 10 working days from purchase. Please note this item arrives pre-charged. The charge will dissipate over time; will not stay fully charged indefinitely.


This product is out of stock and can not currently be purchased online

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