Hamish running Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust after cancer diagnosis
HAMISH ROBINSON, 22, from Selkirk, is getting set to take on the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday 27th May, just 16 months after being diagnosed cancer.

The 22-year-old is determined to give back to the charity Teenage Cancer Trust after the support he received through being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in January 2017, at the age of just 21.

Hamish started feeling ill in January 2017 and rapidly went downhill with a minor headache which quickly got worse.

Hamish said, “My co-ordination was going, I started to lose my balance and I had double vision, and ringing in my ears. I was struggling to eat or walk. My mum recognised that something wasn’t right and encouraged me to go back to the doctors three days later. The doctor had an idea of what it might be and said she wasn’t going to send me away without a scan.

He was transferred to the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh where he underwent an MRI scan which revealed a brain tumour the size of a pool ball.

“I was in that much pain that they inserted a ventricle access device into my head to remove brain fluid and release the pressure on my brain. Tests on this fluid showed tumour markers, substances secreted by cancerous cells, of >4000, with <2 being normal”

“I was shown a picture of it and I couldn’t believe that it was in my head, or that this was happening to me. I was only 21. The type of tumour I had was very rare, I was one of 10 people in Europe aged 16-24 with it.”

Hamish was then referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit where he began his chemotherapy treatment.

“After three rounds of chemo, I was told I may need further surgery to take some of the tumour out. I was told the surgery could cause paralysis and brain damage but also that by having it I was more likely to make a full recovery so I made the difficult decision to go for it.

“I had another round of chemo, then six weeks of radiotherapy. I felt more tired and nauseous as it went on but I finished my treatment and got through it.

Hamish praised the work of the staff on the unit, saying: “The nurses were incredible throughout my treatment and were one of the best things about being on the Teenage Cancer Trust unit. They were chatty, funny and reassuring. The surgeons were amazing too.”

Hamish has now finished his treatment and is preparing to take on the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday 27th May to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.

“I decided I wanted to do the Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust after the amazing treatment I received.

“I’d always took part in a lot of sport but I haven’t done a long distance run before so I gradually increased my distance using a training plan. There are a few young people from the unit running so I may be able to do the course with one of them.”

You can support Hamish by donating to his JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hamish-robinson, or if you’d like to join Hamish on the start line, you can sign up to run in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival for Teenage Cancer Trust today. For more information, visit https://www.edinburghmarathon.com/charity/affiliates/?charities_id=932.

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Daughter to run in her father’s footsteps at the Edinburgh Marathon
Charlotte’s dad was the reason she started running. His military training made him the perfect coach and running buddy – always there to give her the support and encouragement she needed for her next race. In June last year, Charlotte’s dad found out he had terminal cancer. Four months later he passed away. 

“He was my absolute hero and my best friend. I knew I had to do this for him. From the day he got the diagnosis, Macmillan nurses were there for him. Their help and support meant so much to my dad and the whole family. 

“Before he passed away, I told him I was going to run the Edinburgh Marathon for Macmillan – a route he loved and had run many times. He was so pleased for me but I could see in his eyes that deep down he wished he could be running it alongside me.

“He may not be here to join me in his trainers on the start line but I still feel he’ll be running it with me, and I hope I make him proud.”

Join Charlotte by signing up to run Edinburgh with Team Macmillan today. 

Second only to London in terms of size in the UK, the Edinburgh Marathon Festival has nine races on offer, guaranteeing there is something for everyone from the seasoned runner to kids just starting out on their running journey. The fun kicks off on Saturday 26th May at Holyrood Park with a 10k, 5K and four junior races. On Sunday 27th May the Edinburgh Marathon, Edinburgh Half Marathon and Team Relay start from the heart of Edinburgh City as runners embark on the new route for the first time ever.

For more information, visit www.edinburghmarathon.com.

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Running as Christmas: Dos and Donts
The festive period is always a challenging time for us runners. As the calendar fills up with work parties and social gatherings, and the kitchen cupboard fills up with mince pies and yule logs, you’d be forgiven for over-indulging and missing out on some running! 

But if you’re feeling extra determined this year, we’ve got some top tips to help you keep fit this Christmas, and some dangerous pitfalls to avoid!

Become an early riser
If your calendar is chock-a-block with parties, gatherings and family reunions, why not set an alarm and get your run done nice and early? It’s a great feeling having it under your belt and knowing the rest of the day is yours to relax! Will it be cold? Probably – but winter mornings can also be pretty beautiful things to behold.

Don’t be self-righteous 
You might be really enjoying the feeling of keeping fit while family members pour prosecco onto their cornflakes, but don’t go gloating! An endorphin-charged runner sitting on their high-horse is sure to ruffle some turkey feathers.

Get into the spirit
There are plenty of festive fun runs coming up in the next few weeks, so why not get yourself entered into one? Get some friends together, don your Santa hats and reindeer antlers and have a laugh with it!

Don’t expect any PBs
A few cheeky treats are inevitable and Christmas food is certainly more conducive to steady running than a max out effort! So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just go out and enjoy running for the sake of running!

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

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THE EDINBURGH MARATHON has launched a brand new route for the first time in 5 years.

In what will be the 16th year of the Edinburgh Marathon, Scotland’s largest running event, which takes place on Sunday May 27 2018, announced the new route this lunchtime.

The new route starts on Potterrow, the Old Town heartland of Edinburgh University, for the first time in the event’s history, before heading North over the historic High Street and down The Mound. Participants will then run past the Scottish National Gallery and into Princes Street Gardens, with the iconic Edinburgh Castle as their backdrop.

The route then takes in the Scott Monument, before heading down the Royal Mile and towards Holyrood Park, The Scottish Parliament and Royal Palace before then east towards the beautiful coastline. The marathon finishes in Pinkie Playing fields, Musselburgh as per recent years. Both the Half Marathon and Team Relay routes have had similar changes.

Neil Kilgour, Edinburgh Marathon Festival Director, said: “We are delighted to announce the new Edinburgh Marathon route to the world and and believe we have a route which showcases the incredible and stunning historic city of Edinburgh to it’s very best.”

“The key for us was creating a route which not only let our participants see more of Edinburgh, but also stays true to its worldwide reputation as one of the fastest marathon routes approved by an IAAF label – not an easy thing to achieve in this small but fine city!”

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival now annually attracts more than 30,000 runners each year has had an economic impact of more than £40 million for Scotland’s capital and helped raise more than £60 million for hundreds of charities.

The Edinburgh Marathon joined the world’s elite road races in 2012 by becoming the first race in Scotland to be officially recognised by the IAAF, the athletics governing body. The IAAF Bronze label puts the race among the top 75 in the world making it a pivotal part of the sporting calendar for runners. It remains Scotland’s only IAAF labeled road race.

Mr Kilgour said “With a descent of almost 90 metres to near sea level, we believe that this is one if not the fastest marathon routes in the world.  If you have put in the training then this route will reward this effort: it is full of PB potential”

Second only to London in terms of size in the UK, the Edinburgh Marathon Festival has eight races on offer, guaranteeing there is something for everyone from the seasoned runner to the charity fundraiser and beginners. The fun kicks off on Saturday May 26 at Holyrood Park with a 10k, 5K and two junior races. On Sunday May 27, the Edinburgh Marathon, Edinburgh Half Marathon and team relay start from the heart of Edinburgh City and continues through East Lothian offering stunning views and an unforgettable running experience.

Entries are open for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival on May 26 and 27, 2018. More information is available via the website at www.edinburghmarathon.com

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How to recover from a marathon

Five Ways to Recover from a Marathon

Keep it Moving

Now we know you’ve more than earned a week (or more) of chill time after your exploits this weekend. HOWEVER, we would definitely recommend you keep it flowing this week. This doesn’t have to mean running every day – or even at all – walking will do just fine. But the more you can keep moving, the faster you’ll be able to flush out the lactate from the muscles, break down the scar tissue that’s causing those aches, and get those legs back to feeling close to normal again!

Get the Prote-in
Your muscles are damaged, the DOMS have hit hard and you’re walking like you’ve soiled yourself. Diet plays a massive role in the recovery process, and foods high in protein will accelerate the resynthesis of these muscle fibers across the week. Eggs, nuts, fish, meats, beans, pulses and grains are all great sources – you know the score! Happy munching, you’ve earned a wee bite we think!

Massage or Foam Roll (ooft!)
This one hurts – but with great pain comes great relief! If you can book a massage, fantastic – a good rub down will increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and speed up that recovery process! Equally, a good foam roller will help in the same way. You’re in control here so find your trigger points and spend some time honing in on them and working to undo those horrible knots. You’ll find hundreds of videos on YouTube on good foam rolling technique for different muscle groups!

Listen to your body
Possibly the most clichéd phrase in the running world, but it certainly rings true here. Everyone is different and will respond to the marathon in different ways. So please don’t panic if you see your friends off out for a run, and you’re sat there feeling like you’re 150 years old. It will take time to recover so be patient and don’t rush back!

Celebrate, enjoy, rejoice, you’re legendary.
We’ve saved the most important bit of advice until the end – CELEBRATE! You have just become part of a very exclusive club; running a marathon really is an incredible achievement and one which deserves due merrymaking. Draw out the celebrations for as long as you possibly can, milk it because you’ve just accomplished something amazing.

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‘The Don’ to start the 15th Edinburgh Marathon

Donald Macgregor to start 15th Edinburgh Marathon

Donald MacGregor, who competed for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games back in 1970, will be the official starter for 2017 Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Donald ran much of the current Edinburgh Marathon route when he represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, and we’re delighted to invite him back to Edinburgh to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the iconic Edinburgh Marathon.

The Don, as he was known had a fantastic record in the marathon where one of his finest runs was that pictured above – although Hill eventually passed him to finish sixth to The Don’s seventh, it was one of the best ever races by a Scottish endurance runner. He had a super career as a runner on all surfaces and over all distances – 25 sub 2:20 marathons for a start! He continued this excellent running as a veteran and in the 45 – 49 age group he appeared four times in the world rankings with times of 2:19.1 for eleventh in the world all time list as well as 2:19:36 (16th), 2:23:00 (54th) and 2:27:27.

1970 was the year when the Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh and the trial for the marathon was hotly contested. Donald Macgregor ran almost 4700 miles in training that year, the most he ever did. He was only narrowly outsprinted by Jim Alder (the 1966 C.G. gold medallist) and was delighted to make the Scottish team. In the Games event, Ron Hill of England rocketed away to a British record of 2.9.28 (still, more than 40 years later, a Scottish All-Comers best performance). Donald has written that Hill ‘ran like a god…no praise could be too high for his performance.’ Jim Alder was the bravest of silver medallists and Macgregor was satisfied to finish 8th in a personal best of 2.16.53.

It was in the Olympic year of 1972 that Donald Macgregor, aged 33, reached his peak. In preparation for the Maxol Marathon British trial, as well as averaging ninety miles per week, he tried two consecutive 120 mile weeks, a month before the race. In addition this was his second attempt at the carbohydrate depletion/loading pre-marathon diet. In the Maxol it worked perfectly – he passed thirteen rivals during the second half, and finished in 2.15.06 to secure a surprise place in the British Team. Having recovered quickly, he managed ten 100 mile weeks, mainly at 5.30 per mile, and spent three weeks at altitude in St Moritz, coming down to sea level ten days before the Olympic marathon. In Munich on Sunday September 10th, he paced himself very well and came through fast, moving from 30th at 5k to 8th at 40k. Ron Hill wrote in ‘The Long Hard Road’ “I glance round and get the shock of my life: there, head on one side (the left), black-rimmed spectacles, grimacing face, it’s Macgregor ….He’s ungainly but Christ he’s travelling, he’s like a man possessed.” They passed Jack Foster of New Zealand; then Hill’s desperate sprint on the Olympic track left Donald to cross the line 7th in 2.16.34 – a very fine achievement, and one of which the modest Macgregor is rightly proud.

Edinburgh Marathon is delighted to have Donald start the 15th Edinburgh Marathon this Sunday.

*Sources & image http://www.scottishdistancerunninghistory.scot
Scottish Marathon Club magazine of April 1984
Colin Youngson

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Elites set for quick times at 15th Edinburgh Marathon

Elites set for quick times at 15th Edinburgh Marathon

Some of the world’s fastest marathon runners will take to the streets of Edinburgh and East Lothian for the 2017 Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 28th May.

Exciting elite fields have emerged for both the men and the women as Edinburgh continues to establish itself as one of the world’s leading marathons. Athletes from across the globe will descend upon the Scottish capital looking to drop some quick times on this notoriously fast course.

In the men’s field, Ihor Russ of Ukraine will start as favourite after his victory at the Kharkov International Marathon and finishing in the Top 50 at the Olympic Games in Rio – he will be looking to improve on his 2:12 personal best . Kenyan Stanley Bett will follow closely on his heels with a best of 2:14; Bett has had previous success on British soil having stormed to victory at the Bournemouth Marathon last year. This year’s event also sees the return of Japhet Koech: Japhet is a regular at the Edinburgh Marathon finishing 3rd in 2016, 18th in 2015, 2nd in 2014 and 5th in 2013.  Japhet featured in the cult running novel Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn.

The fastest entrant the women’s elite field is Belarusian Olena Duboskaya with a PB of 2:28 but she will face stiff competition from Kenyans Pennina Ndungu and Eddah Jepkosgei who was first female in the Edinburgh Marathon last year. Ukranian Valentina Zhudina could also feature as she aims to go under 2:40 in her first ever marathon debut. Valentina started to compete in the 3000m Steeple Chase as a youth representing her country internationally at U23 Championships.  She became a double Olympian in the 3000m steeple chase then now her priority has changed to road racing full time and her goal for the Edinburgh Marathon is to have a strong marathon debut.

The British contingent at this year’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival is also very strong. Peter Le Grice has set the quickest time this year with a 41st place finish at the London Marathon in a time of 2:23:16, closely followed by Tom Charles of Trafford AC who finished second in the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon and tenth in last year’s Edinburgh Marathon.

Favourite in the British female field is Hayley Haining of Kilbarchan Athletics Club. Hayley competed for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and 2006. She finished 25th in the Marathon at the World Championships in 2005 and has competed in the Edinburgh Marathon in 2012, 2014 and 2016, finishing on the podium each time. Georgie Bruinvels of Aldershot Farnham is in sensational form after winning the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon this April with a time of 2:37:03. Local favourite Dianne Lauder of Gala Harriers has also had a great couple of years. Dianne finished 6th in the Edinburgh Marathon in 2016 and 2nd in the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 2015.

Freya Ross, Edinburgh Marathon Festival Elite Coordinator, looked ahead to what should be an exciting battle at the front of the race: “We’re excited to see who will come out on top with some really strong runners in both the men’s and women’s fields. The course is quick and we’re hopeful for some good running conditions which should lend itself to some fast times.”

Neil Kilgour, Edinburgh Marathon Festival Race Director, added: “Scotland is preparing to welcome the world to the this amazing city and we look forward to delivering another outstanding Edinburgh Marathon Festival that the nation will be proud of.  We as a team are already proud of the effort put in by all of our runners as they work hard to prepare for the big day. In our eyes, every EMF runner is elite and we value every runner’s contribution to the festival in equal measure. It’s great to have another stellar elite field this year, cementing Edinburgh’s status as a premier global marathon with genuine world class runners spearheading the race.”

Starter of the 15th Edinburgh Marathon will be arguably Scoland’s greatest long-distance runner; Donald Forbes Macgregor. Donald competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, representing Great Britain in the men’s marathon event, in which he finished in seventh position. He also competed for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 1970 in Edinburgh, on a course which incorporates the current Edinburgh Marathon route, so it’s very fitting that he starts this year’s event.

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is Scotland’s largest mass participation running event. There are nine races on offer, guaranteeing there is something for everyone from the seasoned runner to the charity fundraiser and beginners. The fun kicks off on Saturday 27th May at Holyrood Park with a 10K, 5K and four junior races. On Sunday 28th May, the Edinburgh marathon, half marathon and team relay starts from the heart of Edinburgh and continues through East Lothian offering stunning views and an unforgettable running experience.

Eddah Jepkosgei
Eddah Jepkosgei
Stanley Bett
Stanley Bett
Olga Dubovskaya
Olga Dubovskaya
Japhet Koech
Japhet Koech
Hayley Haining
Hayley Haining
Peter Le Grice
Peter Le Grice
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Eagan Duncan
Three year-old Eagan set to take on the Kids’ Kilometre in Edinburgh for Team Macmillan
ONE OF the youngest ever Edinburgh Marathon Festival runners, Eagan Duncan, is set to take on the challenge of the Kids’ Kilometre this May to raise funds for Team Macmillan.

Three year old Eagan from Edinburgh loves being active and his mum, Cheryl, saw the Kids’ Kilometre event on Saturday 27th May as the perfect opportunity for him to combine having lots of fun with raising money for a worthy cause.

Cheryl said “We chose to support Team Macmillan as Eagan’s Grandad had a close call with bowel cancer a few years ago, but thanks to early screening he was treated quickly and continues to have yearly check ups. Macmillan was a valuable source of information and advice during this time.”

The Kids’ Kilometre is a brand new event which was added to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival this year due to the popularity of the junior races.

Marketing Director, Annette Drummond, said: “We’re pleasantly surprised at the popularity of our ever-growing junior races and decided to add two new events to the festival this year in order to make it more inclusive to our younger runners. Eagan is a fantastic example of how EMF can help little ones do something active, whilst raising money at the same time.”

If you’d like to support Eagan in his fundraising efforts, you can donate to his JustGiving page here – https://www.justgiving.com/eagan-duncan

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival junior races are filling up fast and are expected to reach capacity in the next few weeks. For more information and to enter, visit www.edinburghmarathon.com.

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Broughton Primary School Crowned Junior Champions
PUPILS from Edinburgh’s Broughton Primary School are celebrating after they were revealed as winners of the 2016 Edinburgh Marathon Festival Junior Races competition. Over 800 children from schools across Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian and Fife took part in last May’s event, which was the biggest in event’s history.

Young runners aged 6-8 took part in the 1.5k race and 9-12 year olds raced over 2k as part of a packed weekend of running last May which also included the 5k, 10k, Team Relay, Half Marathon and Marathon.

GB London Olympic Athlete Freya Ross and EMF mascot, Mr Hairy Haggis, made a special visit to Broughton Primary’s full school assembly on Monday morning to award the school with their winning trophy and £150 worth of sports equipment vouchers.
The Parent School Association (PSA) who organised training for the pupils in the lead up to the festival said: “We are absolutely delighted to hear that Broughton Primary school have won the EMF schools competition. It’s wonderful to get the recognition for all the children’s hard work and efforts, both in training and on the day.”

“The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is important for our school community.  This is our third year in a row we’ve taken part -the sense of achievement enjoyed by our children on race day is incredible – we love being a part of it!.”

Broughton Primary School were also awarded with ‘Super Active School’ status in 2016. The ’Super Active Schools’ initiative was launched success of The Daily Mile with the main aim to recognise and reward the increased efforts of getting kids active throughout schools in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife.

Neil Kilgour, Event Director of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival congratulated Broughton Primary for their efforts:

“Pupils and staff from Broughton Primary School are a brilliant example of why we do the junior races at EMF and we are really proud that these races help make real change.

Broughton’s dedication and commitment through organised training ‘fun runs’ prior to EMF weekend reflects how the school are determined to make the children more active. We realise it’s important to build on this momentum of keeping our children more active and by encouraging kids to get involved with the EMF junior races it provides a special occasion where they can celebrate a sense of achievement and inclusion as they cross the finish line.”

Due to the success of the races in recent years, the 2017 Edinburgh Marathon Festival sees the introduction of two new junior races – the junior 5K will be open to kids aged 11-18 and the kids’ kilometre will accommodate ages 3-6. Along with the 1.5k and 2k, this means there will be 4 different junior events taking place throughout the day on Saturday 27th May.

EMF junior races are filling up fast and are expected to reach capacity in the next few weeks. Schools are encouraged to enter team of a minimum of three, where sports equipment prizes and a trophy will be awarded to the winning school. For more information and to enter, visit www.edinburghmarathon.com.

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Pembroke runners Team Price raise more than £2,000 for Parkinson’s UK charity

Pembroke runners Team Price raise more than £2,000 for Parkinson’s UK charity

A PEMBROKE family have raised more than £2,000 for the Parkinson’s UK charity by taking part in in the recent Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

The South Terrace family of four – Gary Price, 50, wife Sara, 45, and sons Pembroke School pupil Harvey, 12, and Golden Grove pupil Max, six, took part in the festival during the recent bank holiday weekend.

The family have raised funds through the Justgiving charity website at www.justgiving.com/Team-Pricey

Gary said: “We were inspired to raise money for Parkinson’s UK after losing my father John at the end of 2014 as he’d been suffering with the disease for several years and then Sara’s father, Graham, also being diagnosed with the condition. Parkinson’s UK give invaluable support and information to sufferers and their families and are working toward finding a cure. They provide an amazing service at the Hope centre in Neyland where they meet weekly, it’s something that really helps Graham and the family to manage his condition.

At the end of last year the Price family had absolute no running experience and were a typical family where dog walking, or a spot of trampolining, were their main physical activities.

“We decided change that and enter the Edinburgh Marathon Festival where they cater for all ages and abilities and is the perfect event for families,” said Gary. “Max entered the 1.5 kilometers, Harvey both the 5K and 2K, Sara in the 5K and me in the marathon. We started our training last November, completing school fun-runs and Park Runs at Colby Gardens together along the way.

“We travelled up to Edinburgh and completed our events last weekend, all doing really well in our races. More importantly we’ve been able to over £2,000 so far for Parkinson’s UK in the process and were hoping that by publicising our challenge we could increase the total even further and possibly inspire other families to do something similar, because if we can do this anybody can.”

The latest total is more than that, at £2,175 and rising, and donations are still being collected up until July 1.

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